Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I have an awsome site to share with you! (Thanks to my new friend Ann!)

You can register your Kroger card here, then choose the coupons on the site that you want to use and when you scan your card at the register when checking out, it will automatically take the coupons off your total!! If you use paper coupons, it will just double your savings!!
They do have other participating stores too if there are any you might use.
Check it out and enjoy the savings!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Do you make New Year Resolutions?
I pondered this question for myself a while. What if I don't follow through...does that mean I fail? Should I make a promise, even if only to myself, that I might not keep?
In the end, I decided this...
If we attempt nothing at all, then we accomplish even less.

So here is my 2009 list of New Year's Resolutions:
1. Continue in my quest to be more consistent at daily Bible study.
2. Learn how to & make an honest effort at consistent journaling.
3. Keep some type of consistent exercise routine.
4. Continue in my quest to keep a consistent housekeeping routine.
5. Learn & apply more frugal shopping techniques.
6. Move into a bigger house. (okay, so this is a biggy!)
7. Read more non-fiction, (not giving up the fiction, though.)
8. Learn how to be a better blogger.

I think the theme would be consistency. (Not an intended theme, but it's obviously there.)
So, stick with me! It's gonna be real!