Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rainbow Brite Fun & Games

If you are a child of the 80's, then you will remember the name Rainbow Brite.  I remember watching the Rainbow Brite cartoons with my sister and singing along with the theme song.  Well...she's back and better than ever!!  So, when MomSelect offered to send me 10 Rainbow Brite computer CD's, one to keep and the others to give away, I jumped at the chance. 

The Rainbow Brite Adventure Pack CD offers an animated short, games, activities, and more.  You can also find these things at  When I introduced my 3 year old daughter to the first couple of animated shorts, she started pointing out which ones she wanted to watch next.  I showed her the Rainbow Brite collection and she quickly said, "I want that for my birthday!"  The activities are fun and the different game levels will cover a wide range of ages for your children to enjoy.  Even my 5 year old son got in on the action.  I actually had to pry them away because they were having so much fun! 

Rainbow Brite is very wholesome and safe for your young girls to enjoy.  If you have a young girl, go to today and start enjoying the fun.  The Rainbow Brite collection includes Rainbow Brite, Tickled, and Moonglow.  You can find them and their horses at Target and coming soon to Toys R Us.   

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AnnCrabs said...

I am older than the Rainbow Brite generation, but I love all the colors on the dolls. They look very sweet.